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Our products are created by artisans in South America using premium alpaca fibres. Crafted on-site in Peru, each scarf, blanket or quilt is created with love and care.

Q. What is Alpaca?
A. Sourced from alpacas, alpaca is a highly sought-after natural fiber. Considered one of the world’s rarest natural fibers, it is also one of the softest. Indigenous to South America, this one-of-a-kind textile has been refined over thousands of years. Known and revered around the world for its versatility, it works beautifully for high-quality textiles for use in fashion or homeware. 
Q. Where does Alpaca come from?
A. The fibers used in our products are sourced from alpaca farms in Peru, South America. 
Q. How is Alpaca made?
A. Alpaca is created from the shearing of alpacas, a domesticated animal indigenous to the Andes regions of Peru.
Q. What is so special about Alpaca?
A. Softer than cashmere, alpaca is resistant to breaking and is hypoallergenic. It's also stronger, warmer, and lighter than wool and does not retain water. It resists solar radiation, will keep its appearance over time and is naturally stain-resistant.
Q. Is Alpaca harmful to the environment? 

A. No. The entire manufacturing process, from breeding alpacas to creating the woven textile is incredibly low-impact. A 'slow' process in today's fast-paced world, alpaca is the perfect antidote to 'fast fashion.' It's also an important source of income for herdsman and artisans living in rural Peru.

Thread + Butter Luxury Alpaca


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