Baby Alpaca Comforter (Queen)

Alpaca Comforter - Queen

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Alpaca comforter / duvet.

Made by artisans in Peru using 100% alpaca semi-hollow fibers, these are up to four times warmer - yet lighter - than traditional down or wool comforters / duvets. Ideal for year-round bedding.

Outer layer: 100% Organic cotton Filling: 100% Alpaca

Dimensions : 34-inch x 35-inch

All natural, hypoallergenic and contain no synthetics or chemical dues.

Due to Peru’s extreme climate, alpacas have adapted to both warm and cold temperatures. This means that their fleece is perfect for comforters that can be used year-round.

Highly insulating, this is a fine yet breathable fabric that adjusts to body temperatures, resulting in a more temperature-regulated sleep. The hypoallergenic fill also makes alpaca comforters allergy-friendly.

Our comforters contain 100% alpaca; no additive chemicals, fillers, synthetic materials or dyes. Therefore, they can be considered both luxurious and sustainable.